For more than 50 years Gerritsen van Groningen has focused on the production of high-quality metal products. From idea to 3D drawing, from concept to final product, with a satisfied customer as starting point. The end products of Gerritsen van Groningen are used in a wide variety of systems.

These can be found in the machine building industry, the automotive industry, the lighting industry and the medical sector. Each of these industries requires its own skills, which makes us a versatile partner that can take care of you from A to Z. Thanks to our many competences, you can have a wide range of operations carried out by a single partner.


Our aim is to serve you with Achterhoek trust, characterised by flexibility and a customer-oriented approach. For you as a customer, this results in better and shorter lines of communication in which good coordination can take place. As a family business we constantly strive to optimise our competences and production techniques.


In addition to metalworking, you can also come to us for aluminium processing and the powder coating of your products. In short, if you are looking for a versatile partner in the field of metalworking, aluminium processing or powder coating, please contact us.

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Gerritsen v. Groningen B.V.
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