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For the shaping of metal products you have come to the right place. Deep drawing (hydraulic pressing) is the ideal way to shape metal seamlessly. The technique is applicable to various types of metal and suitable to produce many different shapes. Gerritsen van Groningen has deep drawing presses with a maximum capacity of 160 tons and is a true deep drawing specialist.


During deep drawing the products are brought to their exact dimensions in one or more passes. This produces beautiful shapes without seams. The deep drawing process starts with a die/tool, the starting material (platine), which is placed on the crimp holder. The press moves downwards and the sheet is clamped between the draw ring and the bending holder. As the draw ring moves further down, the sheet is pulled over the mandrel. This is how the final product is formed.

Important points of attention during deep drawing are, among others, the lubrication and the bending force. Besides various deep drawing presses, Gerritsen van Groningen also has several eccentric presses at its disposal.

We have experience in deep drawing the following metals: steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass.


Force: 1600 kN.
Table size: 1200 x 1000 mm (l x w).



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