Gerritsen van Groningen


One of Gerritsen van Groningen's principle activities was the conventional forging of aluminium lampshades. A few decades ago we switched to automated forcing and today we even do robotic forcing. We have modern computer-controlled forging machines at our disposal, including the Leifeld SC 205. A FANUC robot is connected to this machine to make the available time even more efficient and productive. Our modern machine park enables us to deliver customised work of a high standard, quickly and without problems. Gerritsen van Groningen has specialised in forcing for over 50 years.

Various materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and brass, can be forced with us. All kinds of shapes can be created: cylinder, cone or sphere shapes and flat shapes with an edge.


The maximum diameter is 500 mm. The maximum product length is 250 mm.



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Gerritsen v. Groningen B.V.
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